Take an introductory flight!

    Come in and take an introductory flight! This will give you the opportunity to see what flight training is all about. It will allow you to see how we teach, get a feel for the airplane you will be flying, and let you experience what it’s like to fly.

    After a thirty minute introductory ground and pre-flight training session, your instructor will taxi down the runway and then lift the aircraft into the air while explaining the process along the way. Upon reaching a safe altitude and under the guidance of one of our FAA certified flight instructors, you will take the controls and actually fly the aircraft!  We will explain to you the details of the flight training course, answer your questions, and show you what it’s like. Thirty minutes of actual flying time is included in the price of your flight adventure!


Bell 206 Jet Ranger

Schweitzer 300CBI

Beech Skipper 77