Featuring Our State Of The Art, Full Motion Red Bird Flight Simulator!

The Redbird FMX is a superior-quality, full motion, feature rich Advanced Aviation Training Device priced with real-world flight training organizations in mind. The Redbird flight simulator has standard features that are anything but standard such as wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, quick-change configurations, scenario-based training compatibility and of course an electric motion platform, the FMX serves up a level of realism that is simply unavailable in other training devices on the market.


Features of the Redbird FMX 

  • Electric Motion Platform
  • Fully enclosed cockpit
  • +200° wrap-around visuals
  • User defined missions database
  • Unique pilot key system
  • Compatible with scenario based training
  • Portable instructors panel software
  • Quick-change cockpit configurations
    • Single and multi-engine
    • Traditional and glass cockpit
  • Complete terrain and airport database
  • FAA Certified AATD

Our Flight Simulator Assembly and Testing!